Testimonials – What some of our customers have to say about these products

“Just to let you know that I am finding the 300gsm duvet just right. I am really pleased with its lightness and warmth, in fact everything about it. Thank you so much for sorting me out with the correct one to suit me” – Wendy S

“Wow! The duvet has been well worth waiting for. We have slept so well. I have always liked heavy bed covers but now … not any more it’s wool all the way for us. The pillows, well what can I say, so comfy and no more synthetic bumps etc. A pleasure to sleep on!” – Chris M

“I would like to thank you for the amazingly fast delivery of my recent order. I suffer from chronic back pain and have just had the best night’s sleep for a very long time, thanks to your incredibly comfortable merino wool underblanket. I wish I had known about your company long before and I am sure it won’t be long before I order from you again. Customer service such as this is rare these days, so a very big thank you” – Pauline R

“What superb service, ordered online mid morning and delivered the next day. The duvet is as described and more, sleeping is a pure pleasure, am now saving up for a magnetic underblanket!” – Christine A

“Just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent service. Duvet was delivered on time and in perfect condition. The personally written message on the compliment slip made me feel like an important customer not just another order. Also I am very pleased with the duvet itself. Best wishes” – Janice S

“I got my order yesterday of under blanket, duvet and the 2 free pillows (gratefully received). They are wonderful. First time for months – even years, that I didn’t wake up hot and uncomfortable. I usually wake up several times a night. Last night I fell asleep whilst reading a book about 11pm, and was amazed to wake up at 5am (early for me), to find that I never even switched off the bedside light and the book had dropped to the floor……zzzzzz.. Thank you so much for finding these products. I worked in New Zealand for a year in 1963, and have fond memories of a visit to a sheep farm to watch the shearing. I just ordered a fleece bed for my dog” – Margaret H

“We are all of us really charmed to be on those marvellous underlays, and very comfortable with the duvets and for once in the history of duvets, not overheated, or freezing cold when kicking the feather ones off. The pillows for me are the biggest blessing, keeping my head at a fairly regular temperature when suffering migraine attacks, which are the blight of my life” – Pamela C

“I love the scented pillow and did sleep very well with it. The duvet is magical and really warm on first contact and then seeming to adjust its thermostat to the exact desired level of warmth is quite amazing and lovely” – Anne K

“I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with my 8 year old son’s lambswool duvet and pillow. Before we purchased these items he was continually getting very hot and sweaty at night resulting in disturbed sleep and a soggy wet bed for me to sort out! I tried to substitute the duvet with blankets but that didn’t work because he complained of being cold. Your products have been brilliant because they keep him warm and he no longer sweats at night. This means that we all have a much better night’s sleep” – Sara H

“I just wanted to tell you how delighted we are with the underlay and pillows we had from you – no electric blanket needed – so cosy” – Pat J

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“I am writing to say such a big thank you! You assured us that we would not believe the difference and it was so true. To think of all the years we have spent, all the morning remakes after disturbed nights in synthetic duvets. There is just no comparison and I would highly recommend your products. I am so glad that we went ‘all the way’ and invested in the MagneHealth underblanket which is a more than adequate ‘mattress topper’ which seem so popular these days. And the lightness of the duvet completes the sensation of floating on a cloud. The packaging says 5-21 days to feel a difference but my first night was bliss. The only downside I can see is the enormous reluctance I feel in getting out of bed in the morning!” – Annie T-M

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