Pure Wool Duvets

White Cloud wool anti-allergy duvets are exceptionally soft, light, and warm. These Woolmark and Hypoallergenic wool duvets, offer superior drape and softness and are unique to White Cloud.  Made in New Zealand, they are available in an extensive choice of sizes and weights to suit all the family. [expand title=”Read more”]

Wool is a natural fibre which offers excellent temperature regulation and its ability to retain moisture means that a wool duvet is never damp to the touch.  White Cloud Wool anti-allergy duvets offer a natural solution for anti-allergy bedding as many allergies are attributable to the presence of dustmites, which are not found in wool.  Natural wool offers warmth and softness, anti-allergy bedding without weight and its hypoallergenic duvet properties make it a natural choice for all the family.  Pure wool hypoallergenic duvets offer excellent temperature regulation and a long lasting freshness due to the self cleaning properties of wool fibres.  With its natural ability to breathe, White Cloud wool anti-allergy bedding is an active fibre that offers good transport of moisture.  In an age of synthetic fibres, many White Cloud customers have been pleased to find a natural wool duvet that has been produced to an exceptionally high standard (all our wool anti-allergy duvets are both Woolmark and hypoallergenic and suitable for Asthma and Allergy sufferers).  Fragrance free, these wool hypoallergenic duvets are a natural solution to many allergy and sleep problems and are the best wool anti-allergy duvet and hypoallergenic duvets currently available in the UK.

“The anti-allergy bedding duvet is much lighter than I was expecting. It is very comfortable indeed, warm but not too warm and folds around you without clinging. I am very happy with White Cloud anti-allergy bedding” Joana F, Cambridge

“I am finding the 300gsm anti-allergy duvet just right, and am really pleased with its lightness and warmth, in fact everything about it” Sarah Williams, Devon

“I feel I must tell you how pleased I have been with my Four Seasons anti-allergy duvet. I really appreciated the first rate care and attention and no pressure that I received from you when it came to choosing the right one. It is very warm but seems to “breathe” providing a very comfortable warmth for my anti-allergy bedding” Wendy S, Hereford

“Wow, the wool anti-allergy duvet, hypoallergenic duvet was well worth waiting for. We have slept so well. I’ve always liked heavy bed covers but now… not any more, it’s wool anti-allergy bedding all the way for us” Chris Moody, Berkshire

Which hypoallergenic duvet is suitable for me?

Although the combination anti-allergy duvet offers the most versatility, it isn’t always the best choice for everyone. Sometimes a single weight wool duvet can be a better suggestion; take into account the warmth of your bedroom, but more importantly your house. At White Cloud we prefer to take the time to suggest the right anti-allergy bedding for the customer, so if you would like advice, please contact us on 01989 721010

Is it true that a anti-allergy wool duvet is good for asthma/hay fever sufferers?

Yes! Wool does not provide the damp/humid environment in which dustmites thrive. White Cloud provides the best wool Anti-allergy bedding on the market.

Does this duvet smell of sheep/wool?

Wool bedding only harbours a sheep/wool smell if it is made from lower grade wool. Particular attention is paid to the standard and provenance of the wool in the White Cloud range. A long standing specialist manufacturing process combined with Woolmark quality ensures these wool hypoallergenic duvets do not smell of either sheep or wool.

I have heard that hypoallergenic wool duvets are a good ecological choice, is this true?

Yes! The wool is harvested annually and, unlike a feather/down filling, it does not necessitate cruelty or death. By investing in a good wool anti-allergy duvet you are buying responsibly and unlike many other duvets on the market, the wool in White Cloud hypoalergenic wool duvets is not a by product of the meat industry.

Why can other wool duvets be washed at higher temperatures?

To make a wool duvet washable at a warmer temperature than a cold wash, it has to be put through a chemical process which strips the wool fibres of their outer layer and weakens the wool. It is no longer a genuinely “natural” wool product. White Cloud believes in keeping its hypoallergenic wool duvets as natural as possible, which means no “melt” has been added (needed to bond cheaper wool fibres together), neither has the wool been passed through additional chemical treatment.


What makes White Cloud duvets special?

  • A unique blend of Merino wool with pure lambswool
  • Exceptional lightness, softness and warmth without weight
  • Premium quality wool to provide natural temperature regulation
  • Soft white 100% pure sateen cotton fabric
  • Available in four weights, to suit all requirements
  • Recommended for asthma and Allergy sufferers
  • Woolmark Certified