MagneHealth Shingles

Relief from shingles

Relief from shingles


Magnet Therapy is ideal for treating shingles as it is an effective form of alternative treatment with no harmful side effects.

Be it static magnetic fields or pulsed magnetic fields, magnetic therapy improves blood circulation especially when the shingles infected area is exposed to beneficial magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields also help improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen at the cellular level thus inducing the healing process in the shingles infected areas.

Magnetic therapy can help alleviate the intense pain caused by shingles when the affected person sleeps on embedded with powerful static magnets.

Regular exposures to magnetic fields from magnetic applicators for fixed periods of treatment on a daily basis can result in alleviation of and help the patient get a good night’s sleep.

MagneHealth magnetic underblankets can provide pain relief from shingles without the use of powerful drugs and can help restore the body to a balanced energy state.

2 Responses to MagneHealth Shingles

  1. jo loggenberg says:

    my 87 year old mother has been experiencing intense pain from shingles since it started 19 weeks ago. she is on medication and has tried acupuncture. please let me know where I can buy your products. I am in the UK next week where my mother lives.

    • Caroline says:

      Dear Jo
      I really am sorry, your message has only just come to light – possibly because it got completely overlooked whilst we moved house/business/office during May and June. I can only apologise that we have not replied sooner. We only sell our products online – frustratingly we feel they could do really well in shops, but most stockists are very nervous of selling “alternative” bedding so we have stuck to an online shop only. If I can help answer any more questions you may have, please email me on: – with kind regards Caroline

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