Sciatica and Magnet Therapy


Sciatica is a painful condition that is caused through pressure on the sciatic nerve that branches off the spinal cord and runs all the way down to through the legs and ankles to the feet.As the sciatic nerve can become inflamed and irritated through pressure and exertion, from obesity or poor posture amongst many other causes, it is the relief of this inflammation that a Magnetic Therapy Underblanket can help with. Treat sciatica pains with MagneHealth

The very large number of magnets present in an Underblanket help to reduce the amount of pain experienced as a result of the inflammation and this will lead to both an improved nights sleep and an increase in natural energy.“Your 60 day money back guarantee is a brilliant strategy for something which is quite expensive and a “bit on the edge”. So often when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But not in your case! My Underblanket has revitalised my life. I had begun to feel that being over 70 it was downhill all the way but I now fall asleep within minutes, sleep for six or seven, sometimes eight unbroken hours. My aches and pains are much improved and, if I am stiff after gardening, no longer take Ibruprofen as a night’s sleep on the blanket solves it” Sally Johnson, Devon

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Click here to see the MagneHealth range of products
Click here to see the MagneHealth range of products

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