Magnetic Therapy Questions and Answers

Is the Magnetic Therapy Underblanket okay to use with an electric blanket?

Yes, the Underblanket can be used with an electric blanket provided you fit the Magnetic Therapy Underblanket on top of your electric blanket.

Do I need to increase my water intake?

Yes, to aid the detoxification process we recommend that you drink 1.5 litres of water per day for the first two to three weeks. The additional water helps the magnetic therapy eliminate toxins from your body.

What happens when you sleep on one of these magnetic therapy underblankets?

Firstly you will sleep deeper and wake feeling more refreshed and energized. Over time you will notice a reduction in aches and pains.

How long does it take for one of these Magnetic Therapy Underblankets to work?

It varies from person to person, but between 5-21 days is normal.

Will the wool fleece feel too hot in the summer?

Wool is a naturally breathable material that adjusts to an individual’s body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Are there any clinical side effects of magnetic therapy?

No, the World Health Organisation has concluded that no adverse effects have been found with magnetic healing.

What makes these particular Underblankets superior?

The combination of a large number of carefully positioned magnets with the warmth and quality of  the Merino Lambswool makes these Underblankets the best available.

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Click here to see the MagneHealth range of products

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Important Notice about Magnet Therapy Products:
Disclaimer:- please read this before using magnetic therapy products:
In the case of pregnancy of if you have any sort of medical implant such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, defibrillators or if you are pregnant, a medical doctor should be consulted first before using MagneHealth magnetic therapy underblanket. White Cloud does not diagnose, prescribe or make any medical claims. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace medical advice or prescriptions. No guarantee of effectiveness is made with the use of magnetic therapy products as individual results may vary. As a precaution we advise you to keep electronic, electrical and magnetic devices away from magnetic therapy products as it may affect their performance.

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