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As all golfers know – maybe more than anyone – keeping yourself physically fit is the key to feeling healthy and improving your performance on the course.

There is all manner of advice we all know we ought to take for optimum health and fitness, from watching our diet and drinking plenty of water to limbering up before a game and winding down afterwards.

But it’s not always easy to stick to our resolutions, however much we mean to; and for most, a regular game of golf is for recreation and enjoyment anyway, not just as part of an exercise regime!

So as a result, most golfers seem to accept back and joint pain as a necessary evil – if you spend a day unleashing drives using parts of the body you never usually put under any pressure, and marching up and down the fairway with purpose, you pretty much expect more than your share of pain afterwards.

If we’re all honest with ourselves, such pain usually comes from a combination of poor fitness, joints stiffening, old injuries rearing their heads, maybe carrying a bit of excess weight, whatever our sport – so it’s not surprising our bodies just have to rebel from time to time!

Golfing Injuries
You’re not alone in this either – around 53% of regular golfers complain of lower back pain and golfer’s elbow is a common hazard of the game.
Golfing Injuries

Now at least golfers can all tap into the information and training the professionals receive, including advice on alternative methods of keeping ourselves on form. There has been an increasing awareness of Pilates and Yoga, for instance, in lessening the impact on the body. We all know more about golfers’ yips and cramps, strained wrists and shoulders, and how important posture and core stability are in helping with our game. But it’s important to heal the pain, not just mask it with pain killers – that’s a recipe for long-term trouble.

For many years the use of magnet therapy has been recognised in helping golfers manage their arthritis and aches as one of the safest and most effective forms of natural pain relief.

Golf Research
Research has shown that magnets can have a genuinely therapeutic effect on the soft-tissue systems of the body – the joints, nerves, tendons, and muscles – for all manner of disorders as well as bringing relief from work- and sports-related injuries.

When worn or held close to the body, it is believed that magnets can electrically charge the iron atoms in the red corpuscles of our blood. This then affects biochemical reactions, improving blood circulation which means increased oxygen reaches the cells in the body, toxic wastes are removed more efficiently, muscle and joint pain is relieved, natural healing processes stimulated and general health and well-being enhanced.
Golf Research

In other words, magnetic therapy helps your body repair itself.

You will doubtless have seen many golfers wearing a magnetic bracelet and if you ask them, they will probably swear by their therapeutic benefits.

But in time, these effects from the metal bracelets can wear off through contact with other outside forces. They may need recharging, the body may get used to the effects and reduce their power; and not everyone likes having a bracelet round their wrist all the time, possibly clashing with a watch or catching on clothing.

So a great alternative is MagneHealth.

MagneHealth products provide another way to benefit from magnetic therapy – and all this while you get the best night’s sleep you may ever have! The MagneHealth range includes woollen underblankets and cushions inset with magnets to help relieve pain and healing, improve natural circulation and revitalize energy. The products are made from New Zealand wool and all-in-all, deliver the healing results all golfers are looking for with the additional benefits of natural fibres that keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and healthy all year round!

Why not combine a magnetic underblanket with a woollen hypoallergenic duvet or pillow for a wonderful, refreshing sleep and give your body a real treat?

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