Fibromyalgia relief with Magnet Therapy/MagneHealth

How Magnetic Therapy can reduce Fibromyalgia pain

Anyone can develop Fibromyalgia, although it affects more women than men. It usually develops between the ages of 30 and 60, but it can occur at any age, including children and the elderly.  As many as 1 in 20 people are affected worldwide and even in England and Wales there is thought to be as many as 1.76 million adults with the condition.  As a sufferer of this hard to diagnose long-term illness, you may have experienced widespread pain, extreme tiredness, difficulty sleeping, headaches, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and muscle stiffness.  Magnetic therapy is an alternative, effective and long lasting solution which can offer relief from many of the symptoms and help reduce pain.

The use of a MagneHealth underblanket from White Cloud can significantly help towards overcoming the pain of Fibromyalgia, as the magnets stimulate the nerve endings of the body and improve blood flow.  This improved (and increased) blood flow then targets all those areas where pain is experienced, and this in turn reduces inflammation, gradually easing the level of pain.  The body heals by the greatest degrees at night, whilst you sleep.  All non-essential functions are shut down, and this is when excess energy is used to accelerate the healing process.  When sleeping on a MagneHealth underblanket, throughout the night, the magnetism is rapidly absorbed and this aids the body’s natural nocturnal healing process much quicker than during the day.

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I have just returned from visiting my step-daughter and I believe, in general, the underblanket is helping her.  She has strong medication each day, which does have some side effects, but she is looking better and the underblanket seems to be doing as was promoted”  Mary Bird

(Mary’s step-daughter, Sally also purchased a magnetic Pillow Pad and has found all of the items so beneficial, that she now mentions MagneHealth products in her regular monthly meetings with fellow sufferers in the Isle of Wight)

Magnet therapy is a non-invasive treatment, which assists the body to heal itself by using magnets to stimulate and improve the natural flow of energy.  Each and every cell in the body carries a minute electrical charge, which can be influenced by a magnetic field being placed close to the skin.  Iron-rich blood is attracted to the area, resulting in improved circulation and a reduction of swelling or inflammation.  In recent studies it has been found that magnetic energy relaxes muscle and tissue in the same manner as heat therapy. Whilst heat therapy is more intense, magnet therapy is more constant.

The severity of Fibromyalgia does not allow for many periods of remission; if the use of magnets is discontinued, symptoms quickly return.  We therefore advocate that Fibromyalgia sufferers sleep on magnets (and drink magnetised water) on a permanent basis.

Within the MagneHealth range, White Cloud supplies magnetic Pillow Pads and Covers, magnetic Shoe Insoles and magnetic Underblankets in a choice of soft Merino wool or quilted cotton.

Magnets have been used, for many years, to benefit many conditions, and clinical tests have proved it to be effective in controlling and treating:

  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Asthma and other allergies
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle pain, spasms and cramps
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Sprains, strains and minor muscle injuries
  • Insomnia, stress and nervous disorders
  • Poor blood circulation

Q.  Because Fibromyalgia seems to affect most of the body, would the underblanket be the most effective item for me to consider purchasing?

A.  Yes, our recommendation would be either one of the cotton or the wool underblankets.  Because each one contains hundreds of magnets and the entire body is in contact with most of them during the night, a far greater result can be achieved, in a shorter space of time.  Each underblanket is supplied with a generous 60 day money back guarantee.

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