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Horse1-2-400All keen horse people tend to be inundated with information about equipment, remedies and products that promote better horse health and an improved over-all riding experience.

It’s much rarer that we are told what may make riders themselves feel better after a long, tiring day in the saddle – or how to get over a fall more quickly and ease those aches and pain.

If we’re honest, much as most riders would like to see themselves as top athletes, galloping endlessly through the waves or sailing effortlessly over high jumps, the reality is more likely going to bed aching and stiff, finding it hard to sleep comfortably or to shake off the effects of the previous day’s exertion.

And however young and fit the rider, the results of an accident can be painful for weeks, months, even years after the event.

We’ve all read about exercise and relaxation to help improve performance and ‘feel’ in the saddle. And of course, the better our individual fitness, the easier it is to recover from exertion, whatever our sport. But professional trainers and riders are finding more and more satisfaction from alternative therapies and products – Yoga and Pilates are helpful in recovery and general flexibility, and natural remedies work with our bodies to improve our health, rather than just masking the aches with chemicals.
Energise whilst you sleep

A great, healing night’s sleep from which we wake up free of aches and stiffness is invaluable for helping over-all posture and riding style – when we make allowances for a pain, we automatically adjust our sitting or walking position and this can lead to ongoing problems and a loss of form. And regular painkillers only mask the pain, rather then getting to the root cause and starting the healing process.

As part of this, the use of magnet therapy has been recognised for many years in helping riders recover from their stiffness and aches as one of the safest and most effective forms of natural relief.

Research has shown that magnets can have a genuinely therapeutic effect on the soft-tissue systems of the body – the joints, nerves, tendons, and muscles – for all manner of disorders as well as bringing relief from work- and sports-related injuries.

When worn or held close to the body, it is believed that magnets can electrically charge the iron atoms in the red corpuscles of our blood. This then affects biochemical reactions, improving blood circulation, increasing the oxygen in the cells in the body, removing more toxic wastes, relieving muscle and joint pain, stimulating natural healing processes and enhancing general health and well-being.

In other words, magnetic therapy helps your body repair itself.

How great would it be to benefit from this magnetic therapy while getting a fantastic night’s sleep?

Let us introduce the MagneHealth range of products, which not only help us sleep better but aid our recovery while we do so!

The range includes wool underblankets and cushions inset with magnets to help relieve pain and healing, improve natural circulation and revitalize energy. The products are made from New Zealand wool and all-in-all, deliver the healing results all riders are looking for with the additional benefits of natural fibres that keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and healthy all year round!

Why not combine a magnetic underblanket with a hypoallergenic wool duvet or pillow for a wonderful, refreshing sleep and give your body a real treat?

Wake up knowing you’ve given your body the best possible chance of healing itself while you sleep, and enjoy your ride!

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