Skincare & Gifts

A unique selection of gifts offered by White Cloud, to provide value for money and something a little different.

The Sheep Soaps (no lanolin) are high quality vegetable oil soaps containing Almond oil, Shea butter and Sheep milk.  High in fat, protein and vitamins, Sheep milk has a high concentration of anti-inflammatory agents which makes these little soaps especially suitable for young children, or those with sensitive skin. The Dead Sea Mineral Sheep Soaps will calm and nourish irritated skin.

The Lanolin Creams are made in New Zealand, were recommended to us by a customer several years ago, and we have been selling them ever since.  The Intensive Lanolin Cream is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and is designed for hardworking hands, feet and elbows.  The lighter Lanolin Hand & Body Cream is more suitable for daily use and will nourish the skin.


What makes the Skincare and Gift Range from White Cloud special?

  • The Lanolin Creams were recommended to us by a customer and they have been a regular best seller, ever since
  • The Sheep Soaps are a particular favourite and in 2013 we have expanded the choice to include Dead Sea minerals to cleanse and nourish the skin