Lambswool Pillows

Made with 100% lambswool, these comfortable wool pillows are plump and naturally soft.   [expand title=”Read more”] A wool pillow offers excellent temperature regulation, and good moisture control, without the actual pillow feeling damp.  A wool pillow offers both comfort and long lasting freshness as wool fibres have the natural ability to self clean and “breathe”.

These 100% lambswool pillows are naturally soft, but will, eventually compress over time.  Wool cannot be shaken or plumped into shape (unlike feathers) but its inherent resistance to dustmites is what makes these pillows particularly good for allergy sufferers.

Here are some extracts from letters and comments that we have received from customers having purchased wool pillows from White Cloud:

“I simply cannot get over how much better these wool pillows are than what I already had – no morning sniffles either which is a good improvement”  Helen Colson

“I have found these wool pillows really helpful; I find I am getting migraines less often and the greatest benefit is the comfortable temperature of the wool” Mrs Diana Richards

” My wool pillows are wonderful – first time for months, even years that I didn’t wake up hot and uncomfortable. Last night I fell asleep at 11pm and was amazed to wake up and find I hadn’t even switched off the light – thank you so much.” Margaret Hockney

“These wool pillows are, for me, the biggest blessing- keeping my head at a fairly regular temperature when suffering from migraine attacks, which are the blight of my life” Pamela Campbell

Containing almost 1000kg of wool, these pillows are a core product in the White Cloud range.  Customer requirements as regards wool pillows vary hugely; some prefer a very soft wool pillow, some like a plump wool pillow and others like a very fine wool pillow, with hardly any filling at all.  We tend to advise customers that our standard wool pillows are a good all-round wool pillow at a reasonable price.  The pure wool content offers a natural resistance to dustmites.

There are many inferior wool pillows on the market; many of which are made using cheap coarse wool from China or Eastern Europe.  The filling itself can take the form of wool knops, which resemble balls of cotton wool, and they can harden over time to form lumps.  White Cloud pillows contain softly spun lambswool and not wool knops.

Pillows are now available with a wide variety of fillings; silk, polyester, or feathers and down.  Wool Pillows are relatively new to the UK and Europe, but are proving to be increasingly popular.  Customers with an understanding and appreciation of wool, particularly those in Northern Europe and the North of England and Scotland, intrinsically appreciate the qualities that a wool pillow can offer.  Wool pillows offer a natural resistance to dustmites, they are remarkably long lasting and the harvesting of wool is not cruel to sheep.  Customers who are sensitive and eco-conscious tend to choose wool pillows for not only health reasons but also for conscientious reasons.  Sleeping with a wool pillow offers improved health benefits and natural temperature regulation.

In choosing a wool pillow from White Cloud, customers can rely on a standard of quality that is second to none and be confident in purchasing products that are made by a specialist manufacturer. [/expand]

What makes White Cloud Pillows special?

  • Pure Lambswool
  • Recommended for Allergy and Asthma sufferers
  • Supportive, comfortable and suitable for all the family
  • 280 thread count, 100% cotton fabric cover
  • 50 x 75 cm – Standard Size