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These MagneHealth Underblankets/Toppers are available in either quilted Cotton or soft Merino Wool for improved warmth and comfort.  Each magnetic Underblanket helps provide effective, long lasting and natural pain relief for Arthritis and joint pain, Muscle pain, spasms and cramps, Fibromyalgia, poor circulation, insomnia and stress.  Regular use of magnets can improve overall health and fitness, whilst also increasing energy and strength.

  • Quilted Cotton or soft 500 gsm Merino wool
  •  1000 Gauss ceramic Strontium ferrite magnets (North facing, with the negative pole facing the body which is the most effective way to relieve pain, relax the body and encourage health improvement)
  • Single: 210 magnets – Double: 300 magnets – King: 396 magnets – SuperKing: 528 magnets
  • Fully washable.  Elastic corner straps fasten securely to the mattress
  • Each MagneHealth Underblankets (Cotton or Wool) is supplied with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Magnet therapy is a non-invasive, 100% non-toxic, drug and chemical-free treatment which is harmless.  It assists the body by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, therefore helping the body to help itself by stimulating and improving the natural flow of energy.  The body heals by the greatest degrees at night, whilst you sleep. When sleeping on a MagneHealth Underblanket, the magnetism is rapidly absorbed into the tissues and blood stream, which aids the body’s natural nocturnal healing process; far more effectively than during the day.

Easy to fit, soft to the touch and very comfortable.  I have only had it less than a week, but have had some good nights’ sleep and it may be my imagination, by my back is feeling better already”  Kathryn Carter

My Underblanket has revitalised my life.  I have had it for six weeks now and fall asleep within minutes, sleep for six, seven or eight unbroken hours.  My aches and pains are much improved and if I am stiff after gardening, I no longer take Ibruprofen, as a night’s sleep on the blanket solves it”  Sally Johnson


Natural pain relief with MagneHealth

Developed in New Zealand almost 20 years ago, MagneHealth underblankets incorporate a large number of carefully positioned 1000 gauss Strontium ferrite magnets for optimum performance.  Over time you will notice a reduction in aches and pains and you will benefit from a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

Magnet therapy is non-invasive therapy which helps the body to heal itself and reduce pain. It has been used for hundreds of years, from ancient Egypt to more recent times by NASA astronauts.

It can benefit virtually any condition and has been clinically tested and shown to be very effective in controlling and treating chronic depression and sleep-related disorders.

In Magnet Therapy, the poles are referred to as positive and negative. A north seeking pole is positive and is generally used to stimulate and heal. For this effect, the MagneHealth Underblankets should be used quilted cotton or wool fleece side up.

More Information:

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Care instructions:

For Quilted Cotton Underblankets:  Hand wash with detergent, do not spin.  Hang to drip dry.  Do not Dry Clean.  Can be spot cleaned if necessary.

For Merino Wool Underblankets:  First remove inner layer containing magnets.  Outer wool cover:  Gentle wool wash, using wool detergent. Do not spin and hang to drip dry.  Can be hung in the sun to refresh the wool.

Sizes: Single 90 x 192cm (210 magnets) -|Double 140 x 192cm (300 magnets) -|King 150 x 200cm (396 magnets) -|SuperKing 180 x 200cm (528 magnets)

Use:  Place your MagneHealth Underblanket on top of your mattress, and under your cotton sheet.  An electric blanket may be used, but this MUST be placed directly on the mattress, and underneath the MagneHealth Underblanket.

Designed in New Zealand and Woolmark Licensed; an assurance of quality, available only to those products that meet or exceed exacting standards.

Disclaimer:- please read this before using magnetic therapy products:
White Cloud does not diagnose, prescribe or make any medical claims. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace medical advice or prescriptions. No guarantee of effectiveness is made with the use of magnetic therapy products as individual results may vary.
We do not recommend people with any sort of medical implant such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, defibrillators or those who are pregnant to use magnetic therapy products. Anyone who has medical conditions or concerns with their health should always consult their doctor before using magnetic therapy.

As a precaution we advise you to keep electronic, electrical and magnetic devices away from magnetic therapy products as it may affect their performance.

Is the MagneHealth magnetic therapy underblanket okay to use with an electric blanket?

Yes.  However your electric blanket MUST be placed directly on your mattress and UNDERNEATH the MagneHealth Underblanket.

How long does it take for MagneHealth magnetic therapy to work?

This varies from person to person, but generally between 5-21 days is normal.  It is not possible to guarantee effectiveness as individual results vary and all pain is subjective.

What happens when I sleep on a MagneHealth Underblanket?

Firstly, you will sleep deeper and wake feeling more refreshed and energised.  Over time you should notice a reduction in aches and pains and an improvement in your health.

Should I increase my water intake?

Yes, to aid the detoxification process we recommend that you drink 1.5 litres of water per day for the first two to three weeks. The additional water helps the magnetic therapy eliminate toxins from your body.

If I choose the Merino Wool Underblanket, will I find it hot in the Summer?

Wool is a naturally breathable fibre that adjusts to an individual’s body temperature, keeping you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.  If you prefer to put a cotton mattress protector over the wool, it will not interfere with the action of the magnets.

Are there any clinical side effects of magnetic therapy?

No, the World Health Organisation has concluded that no adverse effects have been found with magnetic healing and magnets have been used for many hundreds of years to benefit the human body.

“In December 2012 I fractured my back, when I fell from my horse.  Sleeping was not something that came easily or was particularly comfortable.  I was given a MagneHealth Underblanket to try out.  It is blissfully comfortable to sleep on, plus my house is freezing.  Without doubt it assisted my sleep patterns and interestingly I could sleep on my back for longer periods than I usually could.  It would be fair to say it has assisted my recovery as well – all in all I can thoroughly recommend this under blanket to anyone (and I’m not giving it back!)   Jemima Parry-Jones,  March 2013

“I bought your underblankets for my parents and they have never looked back. They both have a more restful sleep and feel better in themselves”

“Absolutely fantastic and unique!. I have fibromyalgia and have read reviews so thought I would try the pillow inserts. Have told my doctor who specialises in fybromyalgia of this site and he now advises people to view the site for magnetic products which have been proven to help.”Leanne Johnson-Riley May 14 2012

“I am writing to say such a big thank you! I would highly recommend your products. I am so glad that we went “all the way” and invested in the underblanket ; the packaging says 5-21 days to feel a difference but my first night was bliss” Annie T-M of Cirencester

“It may be a bit early to tell yet, but I haven’t had to use my heat pad in the night since using the magnetic blanket. It feels fantastic and must improve the circulation as I haven’t used a hot water bottle either. We are both delighted” P Cobby

“Although I have ME and Arthritis, I am now able to sleep soundly and my whole body feels much better. It is such a relief to sink into my comfy bed. As I mentioned on the telephone, I have not had to go to my Osteopath for a number of months now- thank you for introducing me to your wonderful underblanket and cushions “ Mrs Pennefather, Hampshire

“I just wanted to write and say how quite amazing the underblanket is. We put it on the bed at once so it is nearly three weeks now and Peter is convinced it is helping him with his poor back. I don’t have any aches or pains but I do find that I don’t stay awake for hours when disturbed in the night- we just love the feel, it’s like climbing into a cloud! “ GW, Stroud

“There has been a significant reduction in my headaches and I’m really feeling much more rested “ Mrs L, Norfolk

“I got my order yesterday; the products are wonderful. First time in months- even years, that I didn’t wake up hot and uncomfortable. I usually wake up several times a night. Last night I fell asleep whilst reading a book about 11 pm, and was amazed to wake up at 5 am (early for me), to find that I never even switched off the bedside light and the book had dropped to the floor… “ Margaret H, Yorkshire

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