MagneHealth Magnetic Therapy for Pets


These MagneHealth Wool Fleece Cushions/Pads each contain a large number of magnets to provide effective, long lasting and natural pain relief for pets of all sizes (from Dachshunds and Cats to Dobermans) with stiff joints or aches and pains.

  • Small (Cat or small dog size) – 55 x 45 cm – 40 magnets
  • 1000 Gauss Strontium ferrite ceramic magnets (North facing, with the negative pole facing the body which is the most effective way to relieve pain, relax the body and encourage health improvement)
  • Fully washable, remove inner magnetic layer prior to washing

Magnet therapy is a non-invasive, 100% non-toxic, drug and chemical-free treatment which is harmless. It assists by both increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, which helps the body to heal itself by stimulating and improving the natural flow of energy.

My cat loves this cushion and is already able to lie on her side again, without growling as she moves. Highly recommended for any animal with joint problems” Sue McKnight, October 2012

We bought a MagneHealth Underblanket for ourselves a couple of years ago and because we are so delighted with it, we decided to purchase a Pet Bed for our Labrador, Monty – it has saved us a considerable amount of money at the Vets and we are really pleased at how much difference it has made” Paul and Sally M, Dorset


Natural healing and improved mobility for Pets with aches and pains

Pets of all sizes will benefit from the softness of the wool and you should notice a gradual improvement in their health, along with a reduction in stiffness. Developed in New Zealand more than 10 years ago, MagneHealth products incorporate a large number of highly effective 900 Gauss magnets.


(Remove inner layer containing magnets)

Gentle wool wash, using wool detergent. Do not spin and hang to drip dry

Can be spot cleaned and hung in the sun to refresh the wool

Disclaimer: Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace veterinary advice. No guarantee of effectiveness can be made with the use of magnetic therapy products as individual results may vary.

In essence, how do the magnets work?

The iron in the blood responds to the magnets and the magnets help draw the blood more effectively around the body, improving natural energy flow

How long does it take to make a difference?

This varies from animal to animal; it might be the next day, or it could be a little longer. It is a subtle, gradual process- you should notice an improvement within a couple of weeks

Is there a possibility of the electronic data on my dog’s microchip being wiped by the magnets?

This is very unlikely. The magnets in these Pet Beds are static, with no resonation or pulsing

I am unsure which size Pet Bed to choose, can you help me please?

Our recommendation is that you choose a size that will allow your pet to spread out comfortably, rather than opting for something on the small side. As a rough guide; the Small will suit cats and terriers.

“I bought two MagneHealth Pet beds for our two Weislers; not only do the dogs both gravitate towards the cushions, but there is a distinct improvement in their stiffness” Sandra Hartley, Gloucestershire


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