Cashmere Duvets

Manufactured exclusively for White Cloud, with only the best white cashmere, this exclusive bedding range offers luxurious softness and warmth. Cashmere provides superior warmth and softness.    [expand title=”Read more”] Cashmere is the fine wool fibre taken from the underbelly of young Kashmir goats, and the best cashmere of all is sourced from Mongolia/Iran.  White Cloud’s Cashmere Duvets are made in New Zealand using cashmere with only good and reputable provenance.  Cashmere occurs in a variety of colours, but white is the purest and most highly prized.

Cashmere is the ultimate luxury fibre, ultra soft , exceptionally light and very fine.  Pure Cashmere can be up to eight times warmer than wool.

From the initial hand gathering of the wool inside a Cashmere Duvet, to the finished product, it takes not only time but also considerable expertise to create the softest and finest of fillings for a cashmere duvet.  On its arrival in New Zealand, it is carefully cleaned to remove all vegetation, twigs etc, and then batted to create a huge roll of fine fibre ready for quilting to make cashmere duvets.  Each cashmere duvet is finished and then inspected for quality before being exported to the UK to become part of White Cloud’s unique cashmere duvet range.

Here are some comments that we have received over the years from customers who have purchased Cashmere Duvets from White Cloud:

“My cashmere duvet is so beautiful! Thank you very much” Elena Kopteva

“I received the cashmere filled duvet today and it looks wonderful! Thank you so much for the extremely fast delivery and helpful advice” Marieke Grin, The Netherlands

“The beautiful fabric and the softness of the cashmere duvet is really special, it is the best duvet I have ever had” M. Honeywell

Good quality cashmere is approximately eight times warmer than wool – so a cashmere filled duvet will offer exceptional warmth and softness without weight.  The cashmere in White Cloud duvets comes with a unique provenance.  In recent years the rising demand in the western world for cashmere has led to “desertification” in some areas.  In purchasing a cashmere duvet from White Cloud, you can be assured that the cashmere has been sourced responsibly and it has been manufactured in New Zealand.

A cashmere duvet is an investment in longterm quality and workmanship.  White Cloud is proud of its increasing repuation for high standards and exceptional products.  From the initial sourcing of the cashmere inside these duvets to the final part of the production process, you can be assured that these duvets have passed an exacting and rigorous quality check.


What makes White Cloud Cashmere Duvets special?

Manufactured exclusively in New Zealand for White Cloud, these luxurious premium Cashmere duvets are exceptionally soft and warm, but incredibly light. The handle of Cashmere is without comparison and these Cashmere duvets have been developed with particularly close attention to detail and quality.

  • At White Cloud we recognise that customer requirements can vary, and helping customers select the most suitable duvet is part of the personal service we offer. Casing: Luxurious fine white sateen. Filling: 100% pure cashmere – quality and provenance guaranteed

Manufactured with close attention to detail, the Cashmere Duvets are an investment designed to last a lifetime and carry NZ Woolmark Certification