Your loyal subjects wish you a very happy Diamond Jubilee, Ma'am

White Cloud is proud to be entering the spirit of the Jubilee, whether it be dog collars or the collection of patriotic wool throws sold this morning; a brace of white waffle weave throws and a throw in chilli red, which only leaves something in blue to be sold before the end of the day!

In typical British fashion, “flaming June” has arrived with a smattering of light rain but I am sure it won’t put a dampner on proceedings…  luckily our own “street party” has got contingency plans and we decided we would not opt for the al-fresco option, simply because we all knew the weather might not co-operate.  We are, instead, going to have a moveable feast amongst each others houses, culminating in a massive great bonfire at our place with pudding served in a barn festooned with bunting!  The pudding itself has yet to be accomplished, but the plan is for a massive Union Jack Pavlova, just so long as there are strawberries still to be had in Newent by the time I get there ….


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