The seven year itch!

The classic seven year itch – after almost 8 years we have decided we have all outgrown our current office space and the chance purchase of a job lot of industrial shelving has made a decision for us…  starting this weekend we are installing shelving and attempting to amalgamate 3 storerooms into one barn.  With half term on the horizon and 3 keen 18 year olds (amazing how persuasive some cash can be!) it is going to be a case of “many hands making light work”.   At long last, all of the duvets, all of the pillows, all of the underblankets and all of the wool blankets (not to mention lambskins, sheepskins and hand creams) will be under one roof and properly classified.  It should also make stock taking considerably easier, particularly now that we have the wonderous “escapator” which was found on Ebay which is capable of moving cartons upstairs, without needing stairs. 

Dr Sarah Brewer recently included Magnewool in an online review: writing “The healing power of magnets has been harnessed with a Merino Lambswool underblanket to provide benefits all night.  Magnetic therapy can improve your quality of sleep as well as boosting circulation and reducing muscle and joint aches, sports injuries and fatigue”.


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