Working with independent retailers and thank you, Box Clever in Mitcheldean

It is always pleasing to get trade sales wrapped and packed and out of the door, but particularly so this week:  one vast parcel is now on its way to a prestigious London shop, another shipment is off to Cologne & Cotton and a third consignment leaves us tomorrow destined for Ireland.  Thank you, Box Clever in Mitcheldean for all your help in a) housing the stock  b) doing such a great job of producing our pillow boxes and c) getting everything onto pallets and helping us wrap it all up.  The trade side is something we all enjoy working at; it is an opportunity to build relationships with customers, some of whom have bought from us for several years now.  Each business has its own character and they also seem to have a fairly reliable buying pattern.  Having said that, what works for one shop, doesn’t necessarily seem to work for another, which is intriguing, but true.  In June we would have been expecting to sell Summer duvets, but as we all know, the weather is absolutely dreadful, and one shop has even been purchasing wool underblankets which is definitely not what we might have predicted….


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