Woolly Winter Warmth and unusual transport arrangments!

Take a moment to look at our Winter Seasonal Offer on the White Cloud website- a 15% discount on Magniwool Underblankets. A gorgeous thick warm wool underblanket is our number one top suggestion for this time of year; it warms your bed, it keeps you cosy and it cuts down on electric heating bills- all that and improved energy and wellbeing at the same time!
Running a business in a rural part of Gloucestershire was less than idyllic last week! The snow just didn’t go away and then when it started to go to slush, even the ancient family Landrover was slipping and sliding… nevertheless we were very pleased that we managed to send every single Order/parcel out on time. Our exceptional Parcelforce driver, Matt, truly put duty first and managed to rendezvous with us every day, without fail.
A recent stocktake has given us an opportunity of selling at a discounted price, a limited selection of lovely warm wool blankets that have been used in photo shoots or come back from Shows/Events- a genuine chance to grab a bargain.

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