Woolly Jumper and the quest for Sheep Soap

Good news and bad news!
First the good news: at the end of last week I picked up a gorgeous hand knitted cardigan– made locally for me by a friend who knits with Gothland wool from a flock of sheep living on May Hill. This particular wool is a soft grey with subtle brown flecks and the brief was a cardigan, not frilly, but quite plain able to be worn with anything. Ann has done a wonderful job and made a classic cardigan with a chunky zip and upright collar with lovely detailing. It has rapidly moved up the stakes to “favourite jumper”- everything else has been relegated! It will be particularly appropriate during National Wool Week 11th-17th October!

The bad news: At the weekend in a local emporium I saw some lovely sheep shaped wool soaps and thought they would make perfect gifts for special customers. Unfortunately afore mentioned emporium was not prepared to divulge where the soaps came from so I am now spending a ridiculous amount of time searching on the internet, to no avail. However, being a determined Leo I am unable to take no for an answer and will continue to look as I think these will make great gifts from us for Christmas and I’d also like to take them to the Cheltenham Gift Fair in October… if anyone has any helpful suggestions, please do let us know …

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