Wool Week – October 2012 and quality wool bedding for quality hotels

It must be the dire lack of a British Summer, but this week seems to have been all about trade enquiries and Wool Week in October.  Starting on 15th October, The Campaign for Wool will be showcasing all that is positive and wonderful about wool – and as an official partner, White Cloud is beginning to formulate some ideas for our involvement.  At a time when farmers really are suffering, whether from the weather or low prices, it is good to hear that, at last, fleeces are being valued more highly and there is a general growth in support for wool.

For a long time, White Cloud has supplied some leading hotels in the South of England with a complete range of  fragranced wool pillows and we are now in discussion about furnishing some of the bedrooms exclusively with wool products.  Partly this is in response to customers finding rooms too warm, but it is also because there is much more awareness of quality hotels offering quality bedding.  They know and we know that quality wool bedding = improved sleep = happy customers….

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