Wool Week – Day 5 – Wonder Wool and why everyone (including guinea pigs) should love it!

 On a light hearted note over the years we have sold; wool fleece for thermal milk insulation, wool fleece for guinea pigs in Scotland, wool to be used in a speaker to deaden the sound, and wool for lining a bicycle basket for a much loved dog in London.  We all know that wearing a wool jumper keeps you warm, but did you know that:

A wool fibre can be bent an astonishing 20,000 times without breaking, and it has the power to elongate, stretch and recover, which is why wool products last for years (and represent great value for money)

Wool can be used to insulate the home, providing and retaining heat and warmth, helping to reduce energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Wool is an active fibre, reacting to changes in body temperature, to keep you warm when you are cold and able to release heat and moisture when you are hot.


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