Wool Week 2012 – from knitting in Gloucestershire to Knightsbridge in London

Today marks the start of Wool Week 2012.  This morning we visited Nell Credland who lives on the edge of May Hill in Gloucestershire and has a flock of Gotland sheep.  Nell spins and dyes this beautiful soft grey wool herself and her knitted jumpers have gained quite a local following, so much so that at least 6 of us at her Wool Week coffee morning today arrived wearing our favourite cardigans/waistcoats/jumpers.

From a small local event to a much larger one; Harvey Nichols is celebrating Wool Week with a gigantic ball of knitting wool decorating the flagship store in Knightsbridge.  The 100m yarn ball measures 5.5m in diameter and has been made from donated fleece from sheep breeds including:  Corriedale, Polwarth, Dorset, Romney, Border Leicester, Lincoln, Cheviot and Merino Cross.  As official Woolmark partners, White Cloud was delighted to donate fleece for this ambitious Wool Week project.

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