Wool Week 2012 – When one door closes, another one opens

Today we sold the very last of our Traditional satin edged Aircell Blankets.  These absolutely lovely wool blankets were made in New Zealand (as are all of our blankets) but since this particular factory closed we have been completely unable to buy any more.  It is ironic really, because when they first arrived we all felt we had made a big mistake and ordered far too many, but actually if we could still buy them in, we would.  Laura, I hope you and your family really enjoy and cherish the blankets and that they become heirlooms that get passed to the next generation….

Also today we had our first trade order from a well known baby shop in Surrey – they really like the wool fleece baby rugs and we will be making some to special order for them and adding them to the list of stockists in the very near future.  Thank you, Fiona, for purchasing from us – we are delighted to be doing business with you.

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