Wool Pillows to France, Store Room Spring Clean, Booking for Burghley Horse Trials and Magniwool Activity

Today’s photo shows 450 pillows packed and ready to make their onward journey to a customer of ours in France; this was the culmination of a manic day’s work last week when our container arrived. If only we had such a huge space ourselves, but the pillows got wrapped and packed at Box Clever who are one of our packaging suppliers in the Forest of Dean.

Well, most things seem to be settling back down after the Christmas period- in some ways it is a relief to be back in a more normal routine, although driving to meet a school bus at 7.25 most mornings is definitely not one of the more pleasing aspects!

January has allowed for a spectacular tidy-up and clear up in our two store rooms. Although it entailed braving subzero and Arctic temperatures, the end result is very pleasing and we now have store spaces that look pristine and beautifully tidy; most rewarding. A most productive early Spring clean! The process unearthed all sorts of oddments and we have put them on https://www.whitecloud.co.uk/special_offers_discounts/ . A case of first come first served …

January is also the month when we sit and plan our activity for the forthcoming year. Burghley Horse Trials is now booked for early September- this is a good thing as we had several customers comment that they had missed us being there in 2010 and only today we had an email from a customer in Holland who bought from us at Burghley 2009 and wants to purchase more lanolin creams … sadly for her and us we don’t yet have an outlet in Holland!

Now that we have some designated help for Magniwool sales, we are working on a new brochure specifically for Magniwool and are looking at publications where it might best fit in. A recent article in The Lady discussing the benefits of magnet therapy for pets has been a good thing and one of my New Year intentions is to write with some experiences that customers of ours have related to us.

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