Wool for edging blankets, Babies and Lambskins and Terrier news from Andoversford point to point

Last year we found some lovely wool from Uppingham Yarns to carry out a made to measure task on some wool blankets for a special Christmas Order –  perfect colour, perfect texture, but sadly a discontinued line.  Ever since we have been conducting a half-hearted sort of search to find some more but, sadly no luck at all.  Having our stand confirmed at Spirit of Summer in Olympia last week has brought the whole project back into focus as we want to take the lovely duck egg blue blankets but have them re-edged in off white.   To their eternal credit, Uppingham Yarns have put up with numerous telephone calls and then a last-minute change of heart …  fingers are firmly crossed that the yarn arriving on Thursday is the right complexion after all!

More gorgeous lambskins and sheepskins have arrived from Maurice in New Zealand; perfect timing as two of the huge sheepskins are off to be displayed in London and as for lambskins, however many we order, we never seem to have enough, so its great to see lots and lots piled up in the store room ready to take to London.  What I love about them is that they really are individual, and each is unique.  Babies that are put in contact with these lambskins really do seem calmer, more relaxed and able to sleep more soundly.

To follow on from the last Blog post, Bella performed with great aplomb at the terrier racing in Andoversford last  weekend, and achieved 2nd place.  Not bad at all for a very wilful little dog that never does quite what is required at any given time!

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