Why wool duvets can help with the Menopause, White Cloud and Positive Luxury, The Granary – furnished with wool bedding

One of the many qualities of wool is that it has the natural ability to regulate temperature.  This is because it is what is known as an “active” fibre which it a really efficient and effective duvet filling.  It is one of the reasons that wool duvets sell so well to women of a certain age suffering from the menopause.  In these circumstances, we always recommend the lightest weight wool duvet in our range – this is the Summer weight 200 gsm; in other words only 200 grams of soft light pure wool per square metre.   Speaking from personal experience, I know that this weight duvet works really well;  warm enough but not too warm, light enough but not too light….

Thankyou, Positive Luxury, for endorsing our brand – it has been 8 years of long and patient slog, but all worthwhile things in life take time and commitment. Which leads nicely on to…



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