How Wool Duvets can help ladies of a certain age (!)

This is a blog written from a particularly personal point of view… over the past few months I have found myself joining lots and lots of other ladies of a certain age who struggle with extreme changes in temperature!  It definitely comes and goes, and it can be almost impossible to know what the daily wardrobe should consist of, but I am writing in praise of our wool duvet at nighttime.  I would be finding it utterly unbearable if we were still sleeping with our original feather duvet and would probably be resorting to sleeping with just a sheet in desperation.  However our blissful wool duvet has the ability to “breathe” and naturally regulate temperature.  This means no tossing about whatsoever and a genuinely uninterrupted restful sleep…   

Not only is wool the most eco-friendly and sustainable of all fibres, but we have also found a ready home for a large part of our cardboard packaging – friends of ours who grow lots of their own veg found, last year, that our cardboard was better than anyone else’s and so this morning Caroline called to collect some more and help relieve us of a mounting pile of old boxes.  We are very fortunate that Box Clever in Mitcheldean not only supply us with new packaging, but are always very willing to take away the old boxes and the cardboard goes into recycling.  This literally is recycling because we probably end up buying the end-result anyway!

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