Why Wool? What makes a duvet great (and popular with retailers)

The Campaign for Wool has done a considerable amount to increase public appreciation for this miracle fibre, and here at White Cloud we are often asked what makes our duvets special, and why is it worth spending more on a duvet from us? 

When we started in 2005, wool duvets were something of a novelty and had to be explained.  9 years later, we are lucky to have an unusually high proportion of repeat business and most of our sales are word of mouth.  This, we feel, speaks volumes for the quality of the duvets.  We have always chosen to supply wool duvets that are made from blended Merino wool, and this is the key to their popularity.

Merino wool has an unusually long staple, it is exceptionally soft, but it is fundamentally a “weak” wool.  It makes great clothing, but to give it “strength and durability” it needs to be blended.  For this reason our manufacturers in New Zealand combine Merino with “stronger” wools such as Romney or South Down.  This unique combination is what provides the softness, the loft, but also longevity, and it is why a White Cloud duvet, cared for properly, will look as good as new after about 15 years.

As in all things in life, superior quality wool is not cheap and neither should it be.  Wool is a valuable, to some extent, priceless commodity and in purchasing a high quality product, you are helping to support a traditional industry that is under perpetual threat from cheap Chinese (and Eastern European) labour and poor farming methods.  There are an increasing number of companies offering duvets made with British wool, but it is a case of “Buyer Beware” as we know that these can smell strongly of sheep, feel hard to the touch and simply do not live up to the hype.  There is no excuse whatsover for a duvet to smell of sheep, it is simply down to poor processing.  Neither should the wool ever migrate through the cover; if it does, it is coarse and poor quality and should be returned to the supplier without hesitation.

If, after all the price comparisons and research has been done, you do decide to buy a duvet from White Cloud, congratulations, because you are in good company – we now supply an increasing number of shops and were flattered to be asked recently to outfit a complete hotel in Scotland in time for the golfing season and not to mention a very high quality shopping outlet not too far from Oxford that will be taking a variety of products from us from September….

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