Wishing our customers well “from the cockles of our heart”, White Cloud recommends Currency Fair and a New Year resolution regarding MagneHealth….

When we started White Cloud almost 9 years ago, we would never have imagined that we would have any overseas dealings with anywhere but New Zealand, but Angelika in Austria supplies our delightful sheep soaps and back in December, when she sent her new catalogue, it was accompanied with a lovely seasonal greeting wishing us well “from the cockles of her heart”. ¬†It led to a discussion in the office this morning about the delights of the English language and how much a kind, old-fashioned sentiment like that can convey.

The absolute opposite of old-fashioned is the superb modern invention of Currency Fair – this allows you to completely circumvent extortionate bank charges when sending money overseas and was one of the very best discoveries we made in 2013….

Only a month to go, and we should see the arrival of the first container of the year; full of lovely warm underblankets, MagneHealth underblankets and magnetic pillow inserts.  During 2014 we intend doing a lot more with MagneHealth; it is a product that is almost always sold through word of mouth recommendation and our New Year resolution is to advertise it more widely to a larger audience.

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