Who says working in an office is boring?!

The rest of us in the office have been doing what we can to keep Olly in the style to which he has become accustomed, so this is a summary of today, so far:1.   We are trying to adjust our listing on Amazon, because it seems to be wrong – Amazon is normally incredibly easy to use and understand (from a sellers point of view) but it has taken hours this morning to get through to the help desk, and we are still waiting for an answer to a glitch…

2.  A conversation with a delightful lady who would like a Magnewool cushion for her father to rest his legs on, following an operation, but the telephone number she gave us doesn’t seem to be correct so, with luck, she will call back later today.

3.  Thank you Mrs Cherrett, for telephoning to buy some Magnetic Pillow Inserts; as an ex Ward Sister it was fascinating to hear her very favourable comments on the power of magnets.  I told her that we have discovered that magnets are widely used in surgery in Russia for pain relief.  Perhaps the NHS could save itself some money….

4.  A representative from TNT telephoned for directions which reminded us (luckily!) that we had an appointment to meet him at 1.00pm, a fact all of us had forgotten!

5.  Must try to get to work on the Summer email newsletter that is meant to be going out next week – the usual backwards and forwards regarding ideas and layout, but I think we are nearly sorted – it will have a stunningly good offer for Summer Duvets & Pillows…

6.  Hurray, Feefo, an online review system is now in place on White Cloud, as of lunchtime today, it seems to be up and running so it will be interesting to see how it works.

7.  1.45pm Matt the Parcelforce driver arrives and, thankfully, everything is ready in time; why does he seem to turn up earlier and earlier??

8.  A long talk with a customer who is looking for a proper wool blanket; his Latvian partner has converted him to wool and they are now considering both a duvet and a blanket.  Luckily I think we have absolutely the right blanket to offer him, sadly now no longer being made and therefore the very last of its kind; a beautiful light weight, open weave, satin edged blanket that is sitting on the shelf in the storeroom just waiting for the right customer to come along ….

9.  About time for a cup of tea and something to eat!

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