WhiteCloudWool on Twitter, Teamwork and Spring at last

For a luddite like me, the past few days have been quite a challenge- I have had to learn how to do Twitter and our posts can now be found under WhiteCloudWool.  After a few false starts I think I understand it, but only time will tell!

I have also had to get to grips with the format of our new WordPress blog and understand how to post photos, oh dear “too much information” as they say.  Anyway, it has been a catalyst because I wanted to include for posterity a record of all our new small boxes, packed and wrapped and loaded for delivery to a highly respected presence on the high street.   The whole process called for a team effort and a genuine production line, fortunately no striking workers in our corner of Gloucestershire…

Glorious sunshine combined with hearing the very first cuckoo on Saturday and agreeing the delivery of some new little lamb shaped soaps for Easter is giving all of us a spring in our step, Year End Accounts notwithstanding!

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