White currant icecream and Steve McCurry Photography Exhibition

Having had a complete glut of white currants this year, we had divine inspiration and asked a local maker of ice cream if she could turn them into bespoke ice cream for us. She runs Hillbrook Farm in Kempley, selling the most delicious and creamiest of ice creams. It entailed Susan corresponding with the Dutch manufacturers of her ice cream maker because, as she says “they can come up with a recipe for anything” and, lo and behold, yesterday we picked up our first tub of home made ice cream! About 5 lbs fruit has been magically transformed into 11 litres of ice cream and 1 litre of sorbet. A great success; home grown fruit usefully transformed into perenially popular ice cream! I’m thinking next year we might have a go with the gooseberries …

Last Friday we took our youngest son to Birmingham Art Gallery to see a most fabulous retrospective exhibition for the American photographer Steve McCurry. In 1992 he took an iconic photograph of a young girl in a refugee camp in Afghanistan. It appeared on the front cover of National Geographic to great acclaim and most people instantly recognise it. This stunning exhibition in Birmingham covers his work in war torn countries, ranging from Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan to Sierra Leone and every single photo has beautiful composition and a story to tell. Accompanying the exhibition is a tv documentary recounting the steps it took to re-find the Afghan school girl and the amount of time it has taken- a five star out of five star show- try and make every effort to see it before it finishes in October. Highly recommended!

What a relief- our little orphan chick has been completely accepted by the neurotic stepmother- she endlessly clucks and fusses but to give her her dues, she has raised a nice little clutch of chicks that are beginning to develop their distinctive Appenzeller top knots and here’s hoping we can continue to keep them safe from patrolling foxes.

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