Two of White Cloud’s oldest and most rewarding Trade Customers

Two of our oldest and most rewarding trade customers placed orders with us today:

Gordon Smith in Malvern is a marvellous shop; once you step in the door, you just know you are going to buy something and you are spending money in an old, long established family business which really appreciates your custom.  It is the sort of shop that you feel thankful still exists; from cookware, to glassware, to haberdashery, to oiled tablecloths, to towels, bed linens and, of course, outstandingly good wool duvets, it genuinely does offer something really special and it is impossible to walk out of the door empty-handed….

Rochelle at Bambino Merino is a New Zealander and thus instinctively recognises good sheepskins when she sees them; tomorrow a consignment of soft honey coloured sheepskins will be on their way to her shop in Putney.  She has purchased from White Cloud for quite a few years now and we will continue to do all we can to supply the products that she knows she can sell to her discerning customers….

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