White Cloud in Southern Ireland and more duvets needed for Spirit of Summer

Time to brush off the Passport and start packing; a Sales Trip is being planned for next week in Southern Ireland.  This will be a very useful opportunity for us to meet , amongst others, Eric at Core Homestore in Galway who is doing a wonderful job of promoting White Cloud products to his customers.  Just as well the passport got renewed recently …

Tim has given us a chance to share some container space, leaving Auckland at the beginning of April.  This doesn’t give much time for wiggle room, but we have been having some really good duvet sales so more Spring weight and Summer weight duvets will be included and, thanks to the success of a variety of outlets, more little Lambskins.  Judging container space is a bit of a dark art and it is almost always a case of having to prioritise, but with Spirit of Summer coming up in May, we need to be prepared ….

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