Which Army Regiment has a Swaledale Ram as its Regimental Mascot?

We have teamed up with our local carpet shop to do what we can to help promote wool carpets and have lent Newent Carpets our prize model sheep “Wellington”.  We have all agreed he should have pride of place in the window during the day, but because he is now irreplaceable he will be housed in a secret location at night-time… 

If only it was so easy to move our bantams at night time!  The longer evenings make it harder and harder to get them in at dusk; they insist on roosting on top of their house oblivious to the fact that the fox goes about his daily perambulations about 6′ away.   The bantams are living in luxury in the new fruit cage, but unfortunately some plastic netting offers little in the way of security or protection, so I have had to press-gang 3 sons into helping me shepherd them into their house (by fair means or fowl!) each night.  Herding chickens does not seem to be top of the favourite “things to do” list, I can’t think why!

Thinking of chickens, my Thai sister in law (who runs the best Thai restaurant in Ambleside with my brother) helped me put on a truly fantastic Thai Curry Dinner for local folks in Cliffords Mesne on Saturday.  This is something we have started to do each April for The Soldier’s Charity Big Curry and this year we think we raised about £1200.   If anyone else feels inclined to put on an event, The Soldier’s Charity (Army Benevolent Fund) is hugely helpful in offering hints, tips and merchandise that can be sold for donations.  The Military Quiz was great fun, so I am going to conclude this particular Blog with a question:

Which Regiment has a Swaledale Ram as the Regimental Mascot, and for a bonus point, where does he come from?

Answer to be provided in the next Blog ….







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