Wellington's Woolly Words for Wool Week – Tuesday

Last month two absolutely enormous rolls of wool fleece arrived at White Cloud;  we often get asked the difference between wool fleece and sheepskin, so here is a brief explanation: Wool fleece is wool (we use Merino, but more of that later) that has been processed, spun and then woven into huge long lengths that can then be cut to size and shape.  This is called “sliver knit” wool and it is what we use for the White Cloud Pet Beds and it is how all White Cloud Wool Underblankets are made.   Essentially a gigantic roll of wool is wound around itself (like a roll of fabric), so it can be cut to any required shape/size.    Just recently we had a twice yearly cutting session and this requires a fine sunny day, at least two people to help and 2 pairs of very sharp scissors!    The end result is a lot of fluffy wool everywhere and a vast pile of ready-to-sew Pet Beds.   

Sheepskin is the whole tanned skin of a sheep or lamb.  You might be interested to know that New Zealand does not use “carbonisation” in wool production and White Cloud buys all of its Sheepskins from an ISO 9001 approved tannery in New Zealand.  Last but definitely not least, Merino is a high country sheep breed that produces a very long, very fine, very soft wool.   The New Zealand climate; harsh cold winters and hot dry summers produces some of the very best Merino wool in the world.

Interesting Wool Story for today: 

Here I am checking the quality of White Cloud Underblankets

Here I am checking the quality of White Cloud Underblankets

White Cloud spoke to a customer last week who was a child in the second World War, living in London and during the Blitz her mother would wrap her in wool blankets for warmth and protection, as wool does not ignite or catch fire easily.

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