Two heads are better than one, Ollie the handsome office cat and Herdwick Wool

After many long hours of filing/sorting paperwork/updating the website/writing to stockists/submitting the VAT return Guy has finally made it to Heathrow on time and is now on his way to NZ. A frantic 2 weeks lies ahead with a lot of business meetings but also a small but welcome chance to catch up with our middle son, who is currently in Auckland. Needless to say, almost the minute his flight took off, us office girls had to work out how to do something on the computer ourselves. Suffice it to say, two heads were better than one and, to my utter surprise, my basic and uninspired suggestion worked! I couldn’t believe it, it made it seem as if I knew what to do, when computers and technology are probably at the very bottom of my list of interests. It was literally a case of “needs must”!

Now just to balance things out, because this shouldn’t all be about the many capabilities we females can offer, I thought it was time to share a photo of Ollie, our office cat. Life at White Cloud would indeed be the poorer without him. Here he is (in a rare moment of peace and calm) nicely demonstrating his particular penchant for sitting on Beverley’s keyboard!! One of the printers and the mouse on my computer also enthral him, but those moments are not quite so easy to capture..

At the recent Spring Fair in Birmingham we thoroughly enjoyed meeting Spencer from Herdy and talking to him about the work that is going on in the Lake District to promote Herdwick wool- their hot water bottle knitting kits are just gorgeous…

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