Turning over a new (Autumn) leaf

The proverbial seven year itch!  After seven and half years of living and working from the same address, we have made an executive management decision(!) to move the White Cloud office to a separate barn and outbuildings.  From small beginnings, 7 years ago, with stock being housed in the upstairs office, to now having stock in two separate barns and an office away from the packing-up shed, the time as come to consolidate and move the whole enterprise to one separate building.  It is an enormous prospect, but one that we all feel is critical because hopefully it will, at last, mean there is a division between home and work.  Living and working from home can conjure up lovely images of a rural idyll, but it is rarely like that and, eventually, all the encroachment of private space becomes a problem.

By freeing up some home space, we have decided to use a small barn for a holiday cottage/flat – naturally there is no shortage of wool bedding to hand, and I’d like guests to have the opportunity of sleeping with wool, but the biggest attraction would be the chance to see, amongst other things, deer, ravens, badgers and the occasional kingfisher.  Sitting and watching wildlife is what the rural idyll is truly all about, and oh, did I mention my plan for a telescope for some star gazing?

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