Top Tips To Getting A Better Night’s Sleep

Top Tips To Getting A Better Night’s Sleep

At some stage in life most people will have gone through a period of not being able to sleep and for whatever reason this may occur, we all know how frustrated, angry and tired a bad night’s sleep can leave us feeling. Sleeping is an essential part of our 24 hour routine, because without the right level of sleep the human body struggles to function throughout the day, leaving us unable to do the most simple of tasks.

Below, we take a look at our top tips when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep.

Make Your Bedtime A Routine – Remembering back to when you were a child, you always had a set bedtime routine because it was important that your body knows when bed time is, so that it can start preparing for sleep and this doesn’t change as you get older. It can be hard to always stick to the same routine, but if you can try to go to bed around the same time each night then over the course of a few months you should find your sleep improving as your body expects to go to sleep for the night at that time and can start winding down.

No TV Or Radio In The Bedroom – TV’s or radios can cause you to have a restless night, especially if you have them on just before you go to sleep, because TV’s stimulate your mind which means you cannot relax and therefore fall asleep. Research has also shown that falling asleep with the TV on can decrease the quality of your sleep, so try having a few weeks without the TV on to see if this improves your sleep.

Buy A Quality Mattress – If you have had your mattress for years and years then it is time to spend some money and purchase a new one, because this could be a massive contribution to your lack of sleep. Mattresses these days are much more comfortable and designed to aid sleep than compared to the offerings of previous generations, so it is well worth finding the money to buy something of quality.

Room Temperature – If your bed room is really warm then this will disrupt your sleep and also take you longer to drift off, which is why it can often be a good idea to have a window open if you live somewhere that is relatively quiet. A cool and dark room will allow you to sleep better, so try to make sure that your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet so that your body can get ready for the night’s sleep ahead.

Check Quality And Tog Of Bedding – In the summer, if your tog rating is too high then it is possible that your body is going to be far too warm, which will disrupt your sleep. Make sure the duvet is of high quality and is right for the time of year and also think about natural wool duvets which will offer a much nicer night’s sleep.

Reduce Caffeine Intake – Caffeine is a stimulant which is obviously not a great idea just before you go to bed, so try to make sure that you reduce your caffeine intake throughout the day and avoid drinking coffee or tea before you go to bed.

Light Snacks Only Before Bed – Avoid eating heavy meals before bedtime, as heavy meals and fatty foods will lie on the stomach which can cause disrupted sleep. Try to eat your dinner a few hours before your bed time, which will give your stomach enough time to deal with the food and digest it.

Having a good night’s sleep is vital to making sure that you can operate on a high level of efficiency for your daily routine. Being left tired night after night soon builds up to the stage where you become exhausted and this is when you can start seeing mistakes happening in your work and your concentration decreasing, so it is vital that you take the correct steps to make sure you start improving your sleep.

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