Top Tips For Staying Warm This Winter

With the winter months looking like they are now going to bring the cold weather that we always expect, albeit a little later than normal, it is crucial that you now start to take care and try to stay nice and warm during these months. There are some obvious things that you need to consider when it comes to staying warm, some of which many people overlook in the Winter.

When it comes to staying warm during the colder period, most importantly at night, there is always some implication when it comes to the cost of doing this, but it really is crucial to try and make sure you do everything you can to keep yourself warm.

Below, we take a look at our top tips when it comes to staying warm and well this winter.

Heating – Not only is it important that you try to keep your heating running throughout the cold spell, but you should also consider getting your whole system serviced and checked out to make sure that it is running efficiently. If your heating system is not working at its best, you will not have the adequate heating temperatures in your home and it will be costing you more money because the system is not working correctly.

Clothing – Instead of wearing a t-shirt and whacking the heating up to maximum, why not try wearing more jumpers and winter clothes to try and keep your body warm? Keeping warm with decent clothing is often easier than relying on the heating to work well and don’t forget when you go out to try and wear gloves, a hat and a scarf alongside your winter coat to really make sure that your whole body is protected from the icy weather.

Bedding – Many people over look how important their bedding is when it comes to keeping warm at night (or even in the day if you like a sofa and duvet day!). Many people use the same light weight duvet all year, which means in the winter they are much colder at night because of this, but often do not realise how important having a winter duvet really is. Winter duvets are heavier and therefore keep you much warmer in the colder spells we experience during the winter, so you really must make sure that your bedding is appropriate for the time of year.

Draughts – One of the biggest causes of cold in the average home is often a very simple one to solve, and that is the draught coming from under or around doors or windows. Over time, windows and doors can often lose their effectiveness when it comes to how well they seal when closed, so if you are feeling colder than normal you should be checking around doors and windows to see if any of the warm air is escaping and the cold air getting in.

It is important to make sure that you keep warm and well this winter so that you can look forward to the summer months ahead by remaining fit and well and avoiding the bugs and illnesses that can hit you if you do not stay warm.

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