Thinking of starting your own business? A few Top Tips from White Cloud

Every now and again we find we are asked to give some advice about taking the decision to work for yourself/start a business etc.  Sitting at a desk today, looking out on a glorious rural  sunny day seems a  pretty compelling reason in itself…. 

  • I have come to the conclusion that my top tip when asked questions like these is to say “employ people of your own age to help you“.  Perhaps it has been luck rather judgement, but after 8 years in business we have complete confidence in the team we now have and they have all grown and adapted with the business along the way.  Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that people of your own age tend to have been taught like you were so there is an immediate understanding of how to tackle the task in hand.  
  • Any business needs folks who are able to multi-task; never underestimate how important this is!  
  • Reward and look after your staff and they, in turn, will look after you

Inevitably there are times when the going is far from smooth, but so long as you continue to have an unswerving belief in what you are doing, the advantages of being self employed will always be self-evident….


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