"There's a tendency to trivialise insomnia and many GPs don't understand it at all"

A staggering 15.3 million prescriptions for sleeping pills were written last year, costing the NHS around £50 million. Sales of over the counter sleep aids have also soared and according to a report in The Lancet, one in four of us thinks we are not getting enough sleep. For the over 60’s the news is even worse. Latest research even suggests that a good night’s sleep can slow down the ageing process and cure a range of aches and pains – however more than half of people over 60 say they sleep badly.

Women are twice as likely to suffer from insomnia as men and are also more badly affected by lack of sleep. It leaves them more depressed, angry and moody and can cause ill health; insomnia has been linked to obesity, diabetes, clinical depression and addiction to sleeping pills.

Over the coming few weeks, we will be posting up anecdotes from customers and some snippets of advice, in the hope that some or all of it will be useful…..

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