The plunging £, Easter eggs and University worries!

Almost two weeks overdue, but never mind!
With our middle son hoping to go to University this September we are getting increasingly anxious about his prospects. He is one of the many thousands who seem to have hit it particularly badly this year; the introduction of A* as an additional grade, a backlog of students from last year and severe funding cuts affecting courses. We are feeling that a year off from the treadmill would be enormously beneficial and would like him to take a deferred entry, but who knows what is round the corner for 2011? No wonder so many youngsters are so anxious and depressed in the UK- their path to further education is littered with exams/modules/more tests along the way. We have to just hope for the best but prepare for the worst and really encourage him to have some fun once school comes to an end in July.

In between we are having to decide whether to take the major step of moving banks for the business- unfortunately it is almost inevitable as we have expansion plans but the prospect of actually making it happen is rather daunting. I think we will wait for Year End and then give it some more thought … perhaps we will pass the task to Beverley who has now joined us in the office!

Masses and masses of stock arrived at the end of last week from New Zealand- the plunging value of £ is making it very hard for importers like ourselves. We ordered with the thought that this might be our only container this year, but if our expansion plans come to fruition we will be forced to think again. Amongst other thoughts, we are working on new packaging and new branding which will help raise the profile of these products- work in progress as they say!

Finally, wonderful news for Easter- our gorgeous Golden Appenzeller bantams have finally started to lay again- from nothing whatsoever, we are now getting a surfeit of eggs! Good reliable girls, it is a joy to have homegrown eggs once again.

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