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The pinnacle of celebrity status!

Bella, one of our Jack Russells, has made an appearance in Country Life– she was very flattered to be picked to appear on May 5th, perched on a pile of wool dog beds on the Notebook page. She behaved beautifully, posed perfectly and thinks of herself as the ideal ambassador for these lovely warm hand made dog beds. It was a good thing we started stockpiling Laura Ashley Raspberry Gingham when we did as it is now sadly discontinued but remains the perfect colouring for rural, muddy dogs ….

Naturally Bertie Bodger is rather miffed that he wasn’t chosen to play such a starring role, but he has had his own little chance to shine recently and his portrait will soon be added to the website. Hopefully this will alleviate feelings of jealousy and allow him to have his own brief moment of fame!

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