The Big Curry/Army Benevolent Fund Not on The High Street and Spring Sales of Lambskins

Every year the Army Benevolent Fund runs a national fund raising campaign called “The Big Curry” – you can host whatever event you like, but it must be held in April and it must have a curry theme. When all the fund raising literature arrived on the doorstep last week, I instantly forgot all the downsides of trying to extract money from kind friends and started to think much bigger and much bolder. Spurred on by a friend, we have decided we will hire our local village hall and host a Curry Supper on 8th April. Last year we had a “Chilli Challenge” – and this year we are going to include a Quiz as well. If you fancy hosting something yourself:

gives an idea of what the event is all about. Our own modest efforts can’t really be compared with the Lord Mayor’s, but a little corner of West Gloucestershire is aiming high and we are hoping to raise over £1000.

This week we were delighted to have our very first order via Not on the High Street:
This is a really good online store with a huge variety of retailers and products, all of which have passed a careful selection process. Beautifully presented, this is a site we are really pleased to be involved with. They are currently inviting partner retailers to make gift suggestions for the Royal Wedding and our “Romance Pillow” would be our immediate choice- a lovely soft natural wool pillow infused with a fragrance of damask rose.

Spring must indeed be in the air- we are noticing an increase in sales of lambskins for new babies! It is always a great pleasure to wrap these and send them off to customers, because we know that they will be loved and snuggled up to for years to come.

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