The Benefits Of Using Wool Duvets And Pillows

The Benefits Of Using Wool Duvets And Pillows

The benefits of using wool duvets and pillows are often overlooked when it comes to choosing a cheaper alternative, but once you know how effective and beneficial a wool product can be, you probably will never look back. Although usually more expensive, using wool in duvets and pillows has many rewards, with the main one being it does offer a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

Below, we look at some of the main benefits of using wool duvets and pillows in your home and why they honestly do offer a much more comfortable nights sleep.

Regulate Body Temperature – Wool fibres regulate body temperature while you sleep because wool allows water molecules to move freely which means that by using a wool duvet, you should be able to be warm in the winter and cooler in the summer, using exactly the same duvet. Gone are the days when you need a thinner one for the warmer months and a big thick duvet for those cold nights, as you can rely on Wool to keep your body at an ideal temperature throughout your night’s sleep.

Natural Dust Mite Defence – A major benefit of using a wool product is that wool provides a natural defence against dust mites, which is ideal for both adults and children when it comes to getting uninterrupted nights sleep. Dust mites can cause all kinds of problems for the human being, so having a duvet and pillow that actually offers some kind of defence is a fantastic reason for buying this type of product.

Sustainable And Renewable – Wool as a product is sustainable and renewable, which means in theory, we will never run out of this type of product. Unlike some other alternatives which rely on the manufacturing use of raw materials, the fact the wool comes from sheep means that we will have a constant supply of this material without putting the planet at risk.

Retain Shape – Duvets and pillows can often lose their shape over many years, which means trying to keep a duvet or pillow in its original shape can be a challenge, but luckily you do not have these kind of issues with their wool alternatives. Especially with Pillows, the longer they can keep their original shape the better otherwise you can start to find dips and bumps occurring after a bit of usage.

Fire Resistant – Wool Duvets and Pillows are naturally fire resistant, which means that in the event of a fire, having this type of product in your bedroom could help to prevent the fire from spreading, should this situation occur.

Natural wool duvets are a fantastic and comfortable product that if you buy from the right manufacturer, you will never go back to a cheaper alternative. If you look at all of the benefits above and then actually go and buy one, after a few weeks of using these products you will notice the difference to your night’s sleep and you should feel just so much more comfortable in your bed.

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