The arrival of the Olympic flame (blink and we might miss it!) and feverish excitement for the Royal Jubilee

Much excitement is this little corner of the world because …. the Olympic flame comes our way tomorrow!  Much discussion as to where to go to see it and (very tedious!) where are we going to park the jolly car?  Perhaps we should saddle up, like Zara, and greet it on horseback!  If only our 3rd and youngest son didn’t have to be at school for an AS exam in Classical Civilisation in the afternoon …

Jubilee fever has also gripped us; we are now the proud owners of a box of Jubilee Kleenex, a jar of Ma’mite (which is particularly prized!) and a splendid little set of royal cut out figures which are designed to adorn a festive dessert.   Given that we are dishing up the pudding, the coffee and a gigantic bonfire they will come in particularly handy!  Along with all our neighbours in our little lane, we have decided to have a Safari Supper (think Treetops!); drinks and hors d’oeuvres with Bella and Nick, then wend our way to Nicky and Tim’s for mains and congregate back her for a jolly decent bonfire.  I’m glad we converted part of the lower barn for storage earlier this year- it makes for an expensive but perfect pudding shelter, should the June weather do its usual thing….

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