The answer is Sheep-Peeling, Save The Albatross Campaign & Yardley Competition news

“Sheep Shearing is soon to be replaced with ?” was the question posed in last week’s blog and the answer (it must be true because it was printed in the Daily Telegraph!) is Sheep-Peeling.   It seems that the sheep are injected with a protein and then dressed in a giant hairnet.  After a week, the wool begins to drop off and after a month the sheep has grown a protective stubble underneath the net and the fleece is peeled off. 

In March/April White Cloud teamed up with Yardley to offer 3 x £25 vouchers to spend on Yardley products and the winner was Mrs Jeanette Longhurst of Felpham.  We were hugely surprised by the amount of interest this competition seemed to generate, and thank you to all who took part.

Since 2008 we have made a point of collecting all the stamps on the mail and letters we receive both at home and at White Cloud; every now and again when the glass jar is filled to overflowing we send them all off to the RSPB to help the Save the Albatross Campaign “Save Stamps, Save Albatrosses” –  this is something anyone and everyone can do; the postal address is:  RSPB Stamps,  P.O Box 6198,  Leighton Buzzard,  Bedfordshire  LU7 9XT







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