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“Elf and Safety”, Easter Weekend outings with the “Lad Wagon” and The Severn Bore

A busy, busy Easter Weekend full of varied and interesting activities(!) – Sue and I agreed we would devote Friday morning to cutting and preparing wool fleece for Pet Beds.  It was a chance to admire Guy’s Heath Robinson arrangement in the barn which means the GIGANTIC roll of Merino fleece is now suspended from the ceiling (with no regard … Read the full article here >

Angus and pet beds, Inglish as she is spoke

This handsome fellow is Angus – he is one of our canine customers, but not content with his own pet bed, he has sneaked upstairs to his “Mum’s” bedroom, and as she says, he has even closed his eyes because he knows he shouldn’t be on their lovely wool underblanket; by pretending to be asleep he was hoping he wouldn’t … Read the full article here >

Olly the Siamese, Pet websites and Frampton Country Show – 12th September

This is the new office cat! Olly arrived in our lives last Friday- all the way from Epsom, he now lives in Gloucestershire and has got all of us firmly where he wants us. The dogs are coping really well with the new upstart and, apart from our lacerated arms and legs, we all love him! Just what a Siamese … Read the full article here >