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Christmas Mincemeat Muffins, new White Cloud packaging and The Royal Tournament

My recipe for December: Christmas Mincemeat Sultana Muffins(This is a yummy New Zealand recipe, makes about 12 standard size muffins) 10 oz self raising flourHalf tsp bicarbonate of sodaHalf tsp salt3 oz fine granulated sugar1 egg8 fl oz milkAbout 12 oz mincemeat3 fl oz vegetable oil or 3 oz melted butter3 oz sultanasIcing sugar for dusting Prepare muffin tins and … Read the full article here >

New photos for the website, White Cloud packaging progress report and the beginning of a trading link in France

At last …. we have found enough spare time to start adding some new photographs to our website!Like a shop window, a website needs constant attention and constant variation. The tricky thing is maintaining “the look” already achieved, but to keep the content fresh and interesting.These new photographs will form the basis of our new brochure in the next few … Read the full article here >