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Why wool duvets can help with the Menopause, White Cloud and Positive Luxury, The Granary – furnished with wool bedding

One of the many qualities of wool is that it has the natural ability to regulate temperature.  This is because it is what is known as an “active” fibre which it a really efficient and effective duvet filling.  It is one of the reasons that wool duvets sell so well to women of a certain age suffering from the menopause.  In … Read the full article here >

Delicious Duvets – choose a good one and improve your health

An opportunity to share a recent piece that appeared in Deco Magazine, extolling the virtues of good quality bedding and why it is always worth investing just a little more…. White Cloud was started by Guy and Caroline in 2005, following their own personal experience as to the difference sleeping with wool made to their eldest son, Sebastian, in New … Read the full article here >